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"Paralyzed" Collaboration "Paralyzed" Collaboration

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You all make favic look like a god!


God damn kids!

SBC's Great Adventure SBC's Great Adventure

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funny, but who's that guy who does "stuff"?
PineApple hools hairy too, made me think...
Hehe, hairy pineapples....
Keep it up!

(the work, not what that guy does...

Wonchop responds:

Luke De Ayora, human friend to all clocks

2 years of animation 2 years of animation

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Looks Like predators winning! ROFL!
were u in the feel good collab, I can't remember...
still, nice work, or should i say works?
I don't know?

LaserKarl responds:

Yeah I was in the feel good collab. I was "GuntherSwanh" back then.

The Drug Deal The Drug Deal

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hey man

Yo U used my music, I left my e-mail in your inbox,
Msg me if you use my music, but it's ok I guess...

I do flash too btw.

super marrio parodies super marrio parodies

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lol lol lol rofl

lol rofl brb lol kk, lmao gtg, i (@) h4ck,

now in english:

thanks I feel much better now, I've just had a really annoying time right now, thanks man (e-mail me, I might be starting something big)

In Memory Of Elle In Memory Of Elle

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I had a friend too

I had a friend too, sorry for your loss.

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Destroy All Humans Ep.1 Destroy All Humans Ep.1

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This is so a protection point!

U lucky people who got to watch this first!
*shakes fist*

Say Dammit! Say Dammit!

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Where do you???

Where do you get that song from the credits... Its brilliant!:)

Wonchop responds:

The tune is from the final boss battle of awesome game Gitaroo Man, performed by fellow flash mate Eric Silver

Daily2oon09252005 Daily2oon09252005

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Good exept... IRG keep to yourself - other peoples work aren't good enough! They were good cept... IRG's one was the best!!!

Almost Serious Suicide Almost Serious Suicide

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She stoped cuz...

She stopped because of foamy! To make sure he does not use his SQUIRLY WRATH!! The minions would be free of only entering Newgrounds and there would be T.V Commercials and other stuff!
To bad you cant put Newgrounds in a dvd so..
If you go to your friends you can still be on newgrounds!!!
Still a clasic! :D